Bird Collage
Fabric on artboard - AVAILABLE
Lotus Pond
"Lotus Pond", Fabric and acrylic paint on artboard - SOLD
Volcano Fish
"Volcano Fish" - fabric on artboard, not for sale
My Tattoo
My tattoo - not for sale (of course!)
Tote Bags
Tote Bags - all SOLD
Seahawks Scarves
Seahawks scarves - all SOLD
Seahawks Coasters
Seahawks Coasters - $10 for 4 coasters - many AVAILABLE

Tooth Fairy Pockets
Tooth Fairy Pockets - tooth (and tooth fairy)
buttons handmade with shrinky dink - all SOLD
WSU Dress
WSU Dress - SOLD
Starfish Pincushions - SOLD
Wall Pockets
Wall Pocket Organizer - SOLD